Mathematics Across The Curriculum

Mathematics and numeracy skills are extremely important in many areas of everyday life. In fact, maths is everywhere and a part of almost everything we do.

In school, we do not just use mathematical skills and concepts in maths lessons, we use these skills and concepts in subjects across the curriculum, such as: design and technology, art, science, history, geography, computing and music.

Here are some activities different classes have taken part this year that use maths.

Can you describe where the maths is in each of the photographs?



The Eco Club team have been working together to make Sylvester a more eco-friendly environment.  They have been promoting ways of: saving electricity, reducing water usage and using less fuel for heating.  They have also planted and looked after vegetables in the school’s eco-garden.

Recently, the team harvested a batch of potatoes and made their own potato cakes.

Where the maths in this?