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Have you got the Essentials of Numeracy?

Why not take the Challenge and find out…

The National Numeracy Challenge is a free, confidential and simple to use website, designed to assess your everyday maths skills and give you the tools to learn in manageable steps, building confidence along the way as you work towards the Essentials of Numeracy.

By this, we mean having the numerical skills and understanding that everyone needs to function at home and at work. They are the skills that help you manage your money, work out costs, discounts and measurements and make sense of statistics and other data.

The Challenge is designed for people to use on their own or as part of a learning programme in the workplace or other community setting and targeted at all mathematical abilities.

The Challenge isn’t like maths at school. It’s fun and relaxed with everyday maths you can really use.

It’s tailored to you and has all the help you need to improve all in one place.

Putting you at ease:

  • Multiple choice answers: each question is multiple choice and uses examples of everyday maths.
  • No timer. No pressure: there’s no timer or progress bar so you can take your time to think.
  • Adapts to you: the questions adapt to how you answer them and only step up when you’re ready.
  • Save your progress: take it at your own pace, have a break and come back whenever you need to.

Click on the link below to take you straight to the National Numeracy Challenge website:

For further information, click on this youtube link: