2015/16 Sports News

Summary of Sporting Events

September 2015 – April 2016

Throughout the year our school has participated in many different sporting events, here is a summary of what we have achieved so far.


Recently we participated in the annual Huyton schools swimming gala at Huyton Leisure and Culture Park. We had eight participants from our school competing in front crawl, back stroke, breast stroke, medley relay and freestyle relay races. Our stand out performance was from Mia, year 5 who came third in the year 5 and 6 breast stroke.


Football has been our school main event this year with us competing in many different competitions. The first of which was the boys’ year 5 and 6 team who came third in the Huyton Small School league that was competed over four nights. The boys did extremely well to finish in this position, as they were playing against very strong opposition. They also competed in the LFC year 5 and 6 tournament where again they finished in 3rd place.

Year 5 recently competed in the EFC competition at King George V playing fields. Our team did really well as this was the first time many of them had played in a competitive match.

Year 3 also competed in an EFC tournament, this time held at Prescot Soccer Centre. Our team did really well winning two games out of their four, meaning they finished in third place. The whole team performed really well on the day and were very unlucky not to qualify for the semi final.

Everton Football Club also held a girls tournament at King George V playing Fields that we participated in. This was a tough tournament as the girls had to play over 10 games throughout the day. We finished up in third place, winning over half of our games and playing some fantastic football. Again this experience was the first in competitive football for many of our team which they did extremely well in.


We recently participated in the annual Knowsley Indoor Athletics Competition held at Lord Derby Academy. This involved the children competing in events such as chest push, long jump, triple jump, vertical jump, javelin, speed bounce, obstacle relay and five different running relays. This was a great competition to be part of which all of our participants enjoyed. It was a great opportunity for the children to show how well they are able to perform.

Due to the success in the speed bounce event within the indoor athletics competition, we entered the Knowsley schools speed bounce competition. All pupils where given a chance to compete within their P.E lessons and some great scores where recorded. The winners from each year where; Jaiden, Evie, Kaiden, Sam and Luke.

Cross Country

Our school also entered both a boys and girls team into the Knowsley Cross Country event. The children did extremely well in this event with some great times recorded. The stand out performance from our school was Bobby from Year 6 who was our highest finisher.

Mr Hodgkinson – Sports Coach