Primary Foreign Languages


We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded with the Primary Languages Development Award via the Primary Languages Network!  This means that our language provision as been graded as Establishing, demonstrating strengths in our language teaching, curriculum, assessment, evaluations and transition.

At the Sylvester Primary School, French is taught in all year groups; ranging from Nursery to Year 6 and once a year there is a whole week devoted to learning another language and culture.

EYFS have a 15 minute input session a week followed by continuous provision and PLOD time as appropriate.  EYFS engage with the basics of 3 European languages as a taster before learning French at Key Stage 1.

Key stage 1 have a 20 minute session a week and engage in lots of listening and speaking activities, songs and games, including learning a new french sound each week.

Key stage 2 have a 30 minute session a week, addressing new sounds and engaging in speaking, listening, reading and writing activities through games and songs.  KS2 also have a French book focus each term linked to their topic and a grammar focus each half term.  The children have begun to challenge themselves by exploring our new bi-lingual dictionaries!

This year, Y5 and Y6 will be lucky enough to have 6 weeks devoted to learning Mandarin with a language teacher from Halewood Academy.  They will focus on learning the basics of this language: greetings, colours, numbers etc…

Our theme week this year will be a focus on the Greek language and culture.

Have a listen to some of our language singing! (Above)

Here is a list of websites with games to help you develop your language skills:

French phonics –

Here are some on the songs we sing in our French lessons.  Have a listen and practise at home.



Take a look at our PFL policy.

PFL Policy July 2016