2014/15 Sports News


Year 3 and 4 Gymnastics

The annual Year 4 and 4 Gymnastics competition took place on Monday 2nd February 2015. The pupils who took part were James, Jacob, Kitty, Ruby and Yvonne.

To ensure the pupils were ready for the event, they dedicated lots of hours of practice both inside and out of school. The competition meant that they each had to learn 3 routines. They were; the vault, a body management routine and the dreaded floor exercise routine.

Kitty and Yvonne recorded a fantastic performance in the body management routine, showing the judges that they had great control of their bodies whilst performing subtle movements. Jacob and James shone in the vault. The boys really attacked the run up, got a great spring off the board, and flew through the air to record a solid score. Ruby put in her best performance of the afternoon in the floor exercise routine, the one she was dreading the most, so congratulations Ruby. Every single one of our students performed superbly in all routines, and they really enjoyed the afternoon.

A special mention goes to all 5 of them for their impeccable behaviour; they were a joy to spend the afternoon with. Well done team, and I am already looking forward to the next competition. Mr Gill



Year 5 and 6 Sportshall Athletics

This fantastic annual event is my favourite of the year so far. It gives the opportunity for our pupils to excel in sports which they may never have tried before. And boy did they excel.

The team were made up of two teams working together to try and get the most points for our school. The boys team which included: Jay, Joseph, Callum, Bobby, Cameron and Luke. The girls team included: Macie, Emily, Keira, Caitlyn, Caitlin, Bethany, Holly and Chloe.

The event took place in the Lord Derby Academy Sports Hall.The stage was set. The field events were up first. The events in this category included the triple jump, the javelin, the speed bounce, the long jump, the vertical jump and the chest push.

A fantastic performance from Cameron, who won the speed bounce event set the team up really well, and gave The Sylvester huge confidence going into the next events. Jay continued the success with a great performance in the javelin, coming in 1st place. Well done Jay. The girls were performing consistently well, with some fantastic performances from Bethany in the long jump, and Caitlyn in the vertical jump. This was turning out to be a fantastic afternoon for the Sylvester Primary, and the team has set their sights on winning the tournament. It is worth noting here that we may have unearthed a hidden talent, with Keira winning the chest push event throwing the ball a huge distance. Well done Keira. We were placed second going into the track events.

The competition was fierce in the track events, and we could immediately tell that were up against some fantastic athletes from other schools. Cameron and Luke put in a fantastic performance in the first relay, getting the track events off to a solid start with a 3rd placed finish. Bethany and Holly then repeated the performance by gaining a solid 3rd placed finish.

Onto the obstacle relay, and if I could have entered all of the athletes for this event I would have. They were all super keen to compete in this event, which consisted of ducking, jumping and crawling through around and over obstacles to try and beat the competition. Callum, Bobby, Cameron and Luke competed in the event for the boys, securing 3rd place. The girls meanwhile managed to get second place, a fantastic achievement. Well done Macie, Emily, Keira and Caitlyn.

After a few more races, including the eagerly anticipated 4×1 relay, we awaited our fait to see if we have qualified for the Knowsley Schools championships with the top two teams going through. Unfortunately we just missed out, finishing in third place. This was however a fantastic achievement for the school, and it showed how far we have excelled in the standard of sport at The Sylvester Primary School. Mr Gill

Athletics 1

Bikeability 2015

Year 5 have been very lucky to take part in the cycling proficiency initiative, which is offered free by the Department for Transport. This initiative helps our students learn how to ride a bike safely, and gives them the opportunity to ride their bikes around school and the surrounding area.

Hopefully we will see lots of our children riding safely around the roads of Huyton in the near future.


Year 3/4/5/6 Tri Golf

 On Monday 16th March, a group of 10 pupils from The Sylvester visited  Knowsley Park Centre for Learning to take part in the Tri Gold tournament.

Tri – Golf has been set up to try and encourage young people to get into the game of golf. All of the games are skill based, and you can score lots and lots of points with accurate chips and putts.

The first game the children took part in was called Bullseye. This game meant that the team had to stand behind a set of cones and chip with ball onto a massive Bullseye target. The closer to the centre, the more points you get. Bobby and Owen scored really highly on this, to set out afternoon off to a flyer.

The second game meant that we had to get our putters out of our bag. This game was a team game, and our pupils had to work together to try and hit as many cones as they could in 5 minute with the ball. The more cones hit, the more points scored. The boys team (Caiden, Owen, Bobby, Dylan and Joseph) scored maximum points on this, while the girls team (Brogan, Millie, Ruby and Kitty) fell just short scored a total of 8.

The third game was a game which involved using the chipper and the putter. Each player had to chip the ball over an obstacle and then putt it into the hole. The less shots it took to do this, the more points scored. Millie and Dylan scored really highly on this to put our school in with a fantastic chance of performing well in the tournament.

The fourth game saw our pupils putting from distance. It was a test of how accurate their putting was, from varied distances. The girls scored really highly on this one, as they seemed to be slightly more patient than the boys.

The fifth and final game meant that we had to chip the ball into a certain zone, which was marked out with cones. This was a really difficult game, as it required a lot of skill to try and make sure they the ball was hit hard enough to get into the zone, but not too hard that it would just roll out. Owen and Caiden put in a great performance, scoring highly for the boys, as did Ruby and Brogan for the girls.

All in all, we had a fantastic afternoon at the tournament. Our finishing place of 5th was not reflective of the team’s great attitude and skill with the golf clubs. I am really proud of the Tri Golf team, they worked really hard. Their behaviour, as always, was exemplary and they are a credit to the school. Well done. Mr Gill

Tri Golf Photo 2


Y3/4 Girls Football

On Friday 24th April, our Year 3 & 4 girls football team took part in the Everton Football Club girls tournament, which was held at Prescot Soccer Centre. This was the first girls football team of any kind to come out of The Sylvester Primary School, so we were all very excited indeed.

After a 10 minute bus journey, we had arrived at the venue, ready to find out who we would be playing in our group games.

Once we had settled down and found a place to base ourselves for the day, we read through our group. Our group was as follows: Prescot Primary, St Margaret Mary’s and Our Lady’s.

Our first ever game as a team was against Prescot Primary. As we had no natural goalkeeper, it was decided that the girls would take turns in goal throughout the tournament. It was the turn of Millie to go in first. All of the outfield players battled really hard, winning lots of tackles around the pitch. Lucy had a shot which just clipped the outside of the post, and from here, you could see the confidence levels rise. Millie made a few fantastic saves to keep the game at 0-0, and after 5 minutes, Brogan managed to score at the far post after a fantastic cross from Izzy. The game finished 1-0.

We had a little bit of a wait for our second game, so the girls went onto the practice pitch to practice their skills. Our second game came after lunch, and was against St Margaret Mary’s. We knew this would be a really tough game. It was a slow start from us, as we went down 2-0 inside the first 3 minutes. However the girls rallied, and battled really well throughout the rest of the match, and in a dramatic finish, Millie scored twice in the last 30 seconds to ensure a 2-2 draw. A special mention goes to Ruby who defended brilliantly to keep us in the game.

Our third game came against Our Lady’s, with the winner of this game finishing top of the group. A trend was starting to appear here as the girls started slowly and went down 1-0 in the first 2 minutes. However, their commitment and desire was second to none, and Izzy and Lucy put in some fantastic tackles, which Millie and Brogan just did not stop running. Eventually, we got our reward, with Millie scoring two goals inside two 2 minutes to ensure we won the game and topped our group. This was a huge achievement for the girls, as this was the first time they had played together as a team!!

After a brief meeting with the Everton staff, we found out that we would be facing St. Aloysius in our semi final. After a brave effort from the girls over the 15 minute game, we just didn’t get into our stride and ended up losing the game. This meant that we came 3rd overall in the event.

I would just like to say how proud I was of the girls during this event. Their behaviour, as always, was impeccable, and they should be really proud of their achievements, every single one of them worked their socks off, and I am already looking forward to the next tournament. Well done girls and keep practising!! Mr Gill

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