Knowsley Children’s University




All children in Key Stage 2 have the opportunity to become involved in Knowsley Children’s University.  Children who attend lunchtime and after school clubs can gain credits towards various awards.  At the end of the academic year, children who have gained 30 hours or more of extra curricular learning will attend an official graduation ceremony where they wear traditional ‘cap and gown.’  This graduation encourages and inspires our children to become life long learners.

Children’s University Philosophy


Children’s University aims to encourage children to access learning beyond the normal school day, and to be recognised for their commitment to enhancing their own learning.

Within the philosophy of Children’s University there are 3 under-pinning beliefs.

Learning is a life long process

All children want to learn

All parents want their children to succeed


The principles behind Knowsley Children’s University are:


To facilitate learning beyond normal school hours

To encourage young people to be confident, independent learners

To allow young people to explore interests at their own pace

To create an excitement about learning

To encourage a shift in the teacher / pupil relationship

To promote a variety of learning styles

To emphasise the value in young people’s interests

To accredit young people’s learning, celebrate achievements and

communicate success

To promote a holistic learning experience