Information Zone


8.50-10.15 Session 1

10.15 – 10.30 Assembly

10.30-10.45 Break time

10.45-12 noon Session 2

12 noon – 1pm -Lunchtime

1pm-3.15pm Session 3

2pm – 2.15pm KS1 Break time

3.15pm End of School Day

Nursery Times
8.45-11.45am Morning Nursery

12.30-3.30pm Afternoon Nursery

Administering of Medication

  • The Sylvester Primary School are happy to administer any medication that is prescribed by your child’s Doctor or Hospital. However, we cannot administer anything that is bought “over the counter”. All medication must be brought to the school office by an adult, who will be asked to complete an “Administration of Medication” Form, giving full instructions of dosage needed etc.

 The Sylvester Text Messaging Service 

  • We currently provide a text messaging service to parents and carers.  The service is used to provide reminders, messages and also emergency information if the school was to suddenly have to close.  Please ensure the school has an up to date mobile number so that we are able to contact you.