Computing at The Sylvester

At The Sylvester we are at the forefront of ICT provision with a wide variety of different computing opportunities. Children are able to use both Apple and Windows technology to ensure they are prepared for adult life.

We have a fully equipped Media Suite where children can develop their computing skills through a variety of hardware and software. Children at Sylvester Primary Academy can utilise both of these technologies in many ways to obtain new skills such as; filming and editing through software like iMovie, composing music in Garageband and even learning the basics of coding languages in Scratch and Swift Playgrounds.

We also ensure computing runs throughout our thematic curriculum.This provides our children with opportunites to develop their computing skills at the same time as learning about Pirates or the Greeks for example.

A full time IT support assistant is also employed at The Sylvester Primary Academy.

The pictures below show some of our children using our fantastic IPads.






Children with a keen interest within ICT/Computing also have the chance to take part within the very popular Minecraft Club as well as Computing Club.