New Beginnings

Year 5 amaze Miss Ball and Mrs Sparke!

Year 5 did the most amazing work on New Beginnings with Miss Ball and Mrs Sparke.  They thought really hard about rights and responsibilities.  Through five circle time sessions and several follow up meetings with Mrs Sparke, the children shared ideas on what they considered were their basic rights in the classroom and how they could ensure these rights were preserved and upheld in the way they behaved towards each other.  These were very BIG ideas indeed, about democracy, responsibility and the impact of our own choices on others. 




At the end of the work, the class wrote a brilliant class charter which they all signed and which is proudly displayed in their classroom for everyone to refer to.  When Mr Conqueror joined Year 5, they children explained the charter to him and he signed it to.

Take a look at their work in the photo gallery below.  Well done Year 5 – your are good citzens.