Make a NO!SE about bullying

During Friendship Week we worked on our SEAL theme ‘Say “NO” to Bullying’.  We also took part in  lots of extra activities to remind us of what bullying is and why we don’t want bullying in our school.  Our Friendship Week coincides with national Anti-Bullying Week and we adopted the national theme of “Make a Noise about Bullying”.

We took this one step further and decided that not only are we better without bullying but we are better together, we can achieve even more when we work together in harmony and co-operation.

As well as working on our SEAL theme we held a special assembly,  inviting our Chair of Governors, Cllr O’Hare, at which we signed the Anti-Bullying Charter.

Past Anti Bullying Activities at The Sylvester

 Magnificent Mondrian

The whole school created a collective work of art inspired by the work of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian.  We had to take care not to bump into each other, concentrate so that we painted neatly within the lines  and  work together to decide on colour choice and segment choice.  We think you will agree that we are better together.

Watch our slide show below to see how we all worked together to produce something truly wonderful.



Year 5 Film Project – TELL!


Year 4 Play in a Day