Parental Questionnaire Feedback 2018

Please find below feedback from our most recent Parent Questionnaire.  As always, we are trying to ensure we are providing the best possible education for our children and we therefore value regular feedback.

Below you will see many of the positive comments we received from parents.

‘My son loves his Y4 teacher, but has had some issues. These were quickly & effectively resolved by his teacher’

(Y4 parent)


‘Wonderful pastoral side and after school staff’

(Y2 parent)


‘Lovely School, Lovely Teachers’

(Y3 & Y5 parent)


‘My daughter was very anxious & disliked school, after we raised concerns the staff ensured they approached this holistically and we were very grateful’

(Y1 parent)


‘My son is very happy and if there are any problems they are dealt with very quick’

(Y4 parent)



(Y4 & Y5 parent)


‘Had one issue with bullying, it was resolved very quickly and the children are now friends’

To download the feedback from the Parent Questionnaire, please click on the link below:


PARENT QUESTIONNAIRE 2018 Feedback to Stakeholders