…and relax!

Whole school Relax Kids

At Sylvester, we learn how to get control of our feelings which helps us when things go wrong.  We use “Relax Kids” and “Chill Skills” to practise self-regulation.

Each term, every class in the school attends a one-hour, themed session in our Calm Room.  This year our sessions have included:

*   “Jungle Japes” – to link to our Rainforest Topic

*   “Relax with a book” – linked to our Book Week

*   “Flick the switch” – how to move from “silly” to sensible”

*   “Friendship” – green light and red light friends linked to our Friendship Week which is an annual event and part of our important work to stop bullying.

Chill Skills After School Club

We also have Relax Kids and Chill Skills after school club, which are free to Sylvester pupils.

Breakfast Relaxation

Every year, as part of their SATs preparation, our Year 6 pupils spend two weeks attending breakfast relaxation classes each morning revising their self-regulation strategies to help maintain focus, concentration and calm during tests.